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Hampshire Travel Guide – Welcome to our travel website about the county of Hampshire in the country of England. including the previous websites, Chandlers Ford Community Website and Chandlers Ford and Hampshire Organisations.

The county of Hampshire positioned on the South Coast of England in the United kingdom offers a wealth of treasures, with it’s rolling countryside, many beaches, beautiful gardens and pretty villages to ancient forests, busy market towns, historic ships, important ports and imposing castles just waiting for you to visit.

Hampshire is also home to the Royal Navy and Army, It has long played a prominent role in the defence of the England and the United Kingdom. In this county you can discover our exciting military legacy! Hampshire also have a rich variety of museums showing the breadth of its history from Roman times to the present day, as well as sites of historical and archaeological interest.

County town of Winchester

Within the county lies the ancient capital of England, Winchester, famed for its beautiful cathedral, King Arthur’s legendary Round Table and has been attracting visitors for centuries, including the poet Keats who wrote his Ode to Autumn, while staying in the city.

Many other Attractions

The New Forest National Park was created in March 2005 but in 1079 it was part of a hunting area for William the Conqueror and is now where the famous New Forest ponies roam freely. You can enjoy a bike ride or stroll across the wide open spaces. It is the eighth national park in England, the first in the south-east of England and the first to be created for nearly 50 years.

Portsmouth is the United Kingdom’s only island city, this maritime destination is steeped in history, with waterside living and has fascinating places to visit including the Historic Dockyard, which is home to HMS Victory.

There are many varied and interesting places to see and experience in Hampshire and If you live in or have visited the county and would like to share with others the beauty and attractions of this part of Britain, you are invited to write an article for Hampshire Travel Guide.

Remember to include your digital photographs (jpeg format please).

David Smith

Hampshire Travel Guide

About Hampshire Travel Guide

Hampshire Travel Guide will develop into a large site and is an exploration and educational project that will expand over time. The aim is to provide a clear, easy to use site with useful information on many subjects about Hampshire. There will be regional and town guides on travel within Hampshire, tourism, history and geography, economy and culture. The first stage in its development will be articles on the cities, towns and villages of the county.

If you are from Hampshire or you have an association with the county I would be delighted to receive your own articles about Hampshire. Especially articles about where you live or about the local economy, travel, culture, geography, history or tourism, and don’t forget to include photographs of your village, town, or city.

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As Explained elsewhere Hampshire Travel Guide is primarily a city, town and village guide of places within Hampshire.

There are a number of ways you can locate and find the place you are interested in but if you are just browsing, you may wish to find the place that interests you and then click on the place you want to find out about.

All the places shown on this site have their own individual page so, lets say you wish to discover information about the town of Eastleigh, you can type the url directly as and it will transfer you to that place. You will of course need to type in the spelling of the place as it is shown on this web site – e.g. http://www.hampshiretravelguide/eastleigh/.

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About the Administrator

Hampshire Travel Guide is run and administered by David Smith, an Englishman currently living in Hampshire in the United Kingdom.

It is also the county where Chandlers Ford is located for those who are looking at this site for the old Chandlers Ford Community Website. Information from the old Chandlers Ford Community Website will now be incorporated into this site.

Having previously been involved in the financial world for many years I have now turned my attention to tourism with a special interest in outdoor activities.

I also have a keen interest in the country of Poland and have a travel and tourist web site called Poland Travel Guide

if you wish to contact me please use the “contact” page.

Accommodation in Hampshire

As a traveller, whether as a tourist or on business, an important part of your trip will be choosing a place to stay. Accommodation on Hampshire Travel Guide is linked to the city, town or village so is very easy to locate.

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Tourist Information in Hampshire

Hampshire Travel Guide – This web site will eventually have tourist information on most of the places in Hampshire. Being a web site you will be able to access the information on most digital platforms, including your laptop, personal computer or a mobile phone.

Tourist organisations are welcome to contact us for details on how to display their information on Hampshire Travel Guide.

Transport in Hampshire

Transport in HampshireAwaiting Details.


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